Cloud Enablement

Cloud enablement is the process of putting your business in the cloud. It entails using cloud services to create, deploy or operate your enterprise’s internet technology infrastructure, software, data, applications and other resources, instead of keeping it all on-site.

Cloud enablement services put your business in the cloud, without you having to do the work. With cloud enablement services, you outsource the work of moving in-house data and information to the cloud, to an experienced, capable provider who can arrange it all for you. These services are great for companies dealing with confidential data, or information that has to be compliant with certain regulations.

The business benefits of cloud enablement include:
● Cost-effectiveness –  Reduced upfront costs of investing in facilities, utilities, hardware and licensing. Pay-as-you-go model allows an organization to pay for only the computing resources it uses.
● Scalability –  Complete control over infrastructure and the ability to scale IT resources up and down depending on business demands.
● Speed of innovation –  The agility to respond swiftly to market needs by rolling out new products or services.
● Accessibility –  Access to cloud-based applications and data from virtually any device by connecting to the internet.
● High availability –  Most cloud providers provide highly reliable services, with up to 99.99% uptime.

SkyRay Technologies helps our clients harness the power of the cloud to accelerate business outcomes and build future-ready capabilities using our comprehensive expertise in Cloud Services. We also help rationalize & fully leverage IT investments by optimizing, scaling, and managing IT resources. Further, depending on customer needs, we build custom cloud applications and migrate existing data.