Sky Konnect

Deliver personalized world-class customer delight

What do your customers really want from you? Which of your staff has applied emotional intelligence to convert stressful situations with customers into positive outcomes? SK Feedback has woven all the necessary technologies into a dynamic & customizable platform that will assist your organization in gaining meaningful insights which can be used to grow better customer relationships.

Are your customers happy with your brand today?

SK Feedback automates the eliciting, collating, and analyzing of CX data across all online channels – facilitating Brand Managers in deeply understanding their customers’ experience and in fine-tuning CX strategies. Capture insight from all customer touchpoints and analyze your customer’s view on your brand, your company, and people, then build better strategies to enhance your customer’s journey with personalized experiences resulting in better loyalty and brand advocacy – all using OK Feedback.

Get maximum results with minimal effort. SK Feedback’s multiple tools help you create actionable relationship strategies for your business – across multiple communication channels.


  • On-premise/Cloud Solution : Choose between solution variants to fit your needs
  • In-app Feedback : Mobile Integration for that personal touch
  • Creative Workbench : Customizable Themes & Email Templates to give fine-grained control
  • Activities : Send timely alerts to your staff on their to-do items
  • Real-time Reports & Analytics :Speed & Immediacy – Need we say more?
  • Template Library : Ultra-rapid creation of Recursive Feedback
  • Drag & Drop Sequencing/Sorting : Easily change the order or sort on a new criterion
  • Offline Sync : Never miss VOC during low or no connectivity times