Secure Document As-A-Service

Every cloud storage solution introduces two major challenges. First, it becomes a new system to be synced, and it introduces a new risk for the organization. Think about it, your sensitive data is only as safe as the next hacking scandal.

The Secure Doc as-a-service solution delivers enterprise class distribution for “sensitive” documents. For “non-sensitive” content emails, file sharing programs, ftp, etc. will continue to be the mainstream delivery method for the foreseeable future.

Secure Doc as-a-service simplifies the process of securely delivering electronic packages, while providing end-to-end security, extensive real-time reporting, and an intuitive user interface. Most importantly, recipients do not need to use unfamiliar tools to access their document packages, making delivery simple.

Secure Doc as-a-service also provides administrators with “real-time” visibility, and exception management capability, of the sensitive content distribution. In addition to the ability to view distribution in real-time, both administrators and users can assess the sensitivity of content, and take actions proactively. Administrators can create “proactive” rules regarding data, metadata, and traceability of distributions. With proper authentication and authorization, the administrators have a “Live” view of all the packages flowing through it.