Enterprise Radiology Software

Radiology has traditionally been the gatekeeper of imaging, with images residing in a siloed radiology PACS. However, as healthcare becomes more digitized and nearly all specialties now generate images and reports that need to be archived electronically and made accessible via EMRs, the traditional radiology PACS is becoming just one cog in a much larger healthcare machine.

The basic idea of enterprise imaging is to take all data (which includes images, waveforms, reports and other patient data) and amalgamate it into one place, instead of the current system of data residing in numerous, disconnected departmental data silos. With the introduction of vendor neutral archives (VNAs) and cloud-based (or Web-based) digital archives, data from all departments can be put into one pot and accessed using a universal viewer.

An enterprise solution will enhance medical imaging capabilities across clinical image data flow, workflow and integration between existing EMR solutions:

Achieve standards-based integration in a value-based care environment.
Improve clinical care with advanced image analysis options that are integrated directly into the radiologist’s readflow, either by launching with display protocols or ad-hoc in context to the study.
Enhance access to complete patient information including images for cost-effective improvement of patient care and physician engagement.
Increase radiology’s participation throughout a patient’s care cycle with integrated clinical and workflow tools to mitigate interruptions, manage communications, and resolve common workflow challenges.
Reduce the cost and effort of deployment with deployment alternatives that meet the requirements of different end users and sites.
Cater to specific user roles and requirements with the high-quality image display, workflow efficiency, and system integration capabilities that you need.