Electronics and High Tech

In order to stay responsive to a complex demanding customer base in a highly competitive market, electronics and high tech companies must embrace frequent change, accelerate innovation processes and create winning ideas that translate into revenue. SkyRay Technologies’ objective systematic approach enables companies to create additional value from their solutions and business processes while minimizing risk and disruption and reducing cost.


The Electronic and High Tech sector is both complex and diverse; meeting the needs of the customer balancing cost pressures and maintaining competitive edge through the product or service lifecycle in an ever changing market is a continuous challenge. SkyRay Technologies provides tailored solutions that take advantage of our global presence industry knowledge of the dynamics of this sector and flexibility to deliver in this vast ecosystem.

Electronics Solutions
Design chain managements

Design chain management from SkyRay Technologies automates change management processes – release-to-manufacturing processes bill-of-material transformation processes PDM data integration and ERP and production management applications – and enables collaboration for electronics design reviews.

Engineering Change Management for Electronics:

Engineering change management from SkyRay Technologies can help improve product engineering across locations products organizations and roles with an integrated common business process management (BPM) platform based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Embedded systems solution for electronics:

Embedded systems solution for electronics from SkyRay Technologies can help you gain competitive advantages through new or enhanced products and services.

Product development opportunity assessment for electronics:

The product development opportunity assessment for electronics from SkyRay Technologies can help you gain control of data and manage it efficiently.

Product and portfolio management for electronics:

This solution enables visibility into your product pipeline and provides you with an understanding of the value that products can deliver to the customer and back to your company so you can make actionable and value-driven decisions about your portfolio.

SkyRay Technologies Integrated Service Management solutions for electronics:

SkyRay Technologies Integrated Service Management solutions for electronics: Design and deliver innovative high-quality products, manage business services, integrate process workflows and better utilize business and IT assets across your operational boundaries with SkyRay Technologies Integrated Service Management solutions for electronics.

Model-driven development for electronics from SkyRay Technologies:

Model-driven development for electronics from SkyRay Technologies can make it simpler, faster, easier – and cheaper – to develop new software. By describing a product’s functionalities it provides a model for creating multiple types of software without repeating steps that cost time and money.

Single view of product data for electronics:

Electronics products require more innovation and support to succeed in a crowded market yet life cycles are shrinking. The single view of product data solutions from SkyRay Technologies gives the visibility into product information needed to improve development speed time to market and lower costs.

Global supply chain solutions

Supply chain optimization for electronics: Information drives supply chains. Cycle time to information determines the speed at which electronics companies gain insight, take action and achieve impact. Agile companies can use information to tap into customer wants, and create the innovative products and services they demand.

Requirements engineering for electronics: The requirements engineering solution is designed to help electronics companies manage product development by helping them understand and prioritize needs, define features and functionality, enable traceability and reuse, and ensure compliance with specifications and standards.

Enterprise asset management for electronics: Asset management is critical to electronics companies’ success, but business systems are often siloed and inefficient. The enterprise asset management solution for electronics from SkyRay Technologies is designed to integrate systems to help you achieve full visibility and control of asset performance.

Manufacturing integration framework for electronics: The manufacturing integration framework for electronics from SkyRay Technologies combines strategy, IT infrastructure and applications with near-real-time diagnostics to help you operate and manage multiple semiconductor production floors and supply chains more efficiently and effectively.